Digital Legacy Conference

Below is the (rough) running order for the Digital Legacy Conference 2015. It is subject to change and alterations…

  • 2pm, doors open – Tea and coffee is served. Music

 3pm Start

  • 3.10pm ⇝ Introduction by Master of Ceremonies, Jack Rooke
  • 3.20pm ⇝ Introduction by the curator of the RSVP Funeral Invitation Exhibition, Jo Shears
  • 3.25pm ⇝ Introduction by James Norris, Founder of DeadSocial and the Digital Legacy Conference.
  • 3.30pm ⇝ Evan Caroll, Afterlife: A Retrospective
  • 3.50pm ⇝ Sheldon K. Goodman, Cemeteries & Social Media
  • 4.10pm ⇝ Dr Mark Taubert, Social media use at the coalface of palliative patient care

4.10pm – Short break, drinks are served

  • 4.30pm ⇝ Jack Rooke welcome back / poem
  • 4.40pm ⇝ James Norris Digital Death, we need to switch on before we switch off
  • 5.10pm ⇝ Andréia Martins, Virtual Wakes in Brazil
  • 5.30pm ⇝ Ian Bond, Digital Estate Planning & UK Law

5.50pm – Networking break, drinks are served

  • 6.10pm ⇝ Jack Rooke – GOOD GRIEF! How the web helped me make a show about my dad’s death.
  • 6.30pm ⇝ Jayne Galinsky, Continuing bonds (virtual seminar – via video)
  • 6.50pm ⇝ Dr Korina Giaxoglou, Everywhere I go, you’re going with me: sharing significant moments of life and death in Web 2.0 mourning
  • 7.10pm ⇝ Olly Clabburn, MND Diagnoses & Creating a Legacy
  • 7.30pm ⇝ Selina Ellis Gray, Remains in the System

7.40pm ⇝ Jack Rooke, Thank you, music & close

  • 7.50pm – Networking & last orders at the bar


8.20pm – 8.30pm close

Head over to a the local pub…(maybe Suggestions welcome!