Call for artists & photographers


The Digital Legacy Conference 2015 will take place at UCL Partners on the 23rd May as part of the Dying Matters Awareness Week.

The conference is free to attend and consist of Healthcare professionals, the general public, scholars and those interested in the subject matters addressed.

Digital legacy art exhibitionPhoto from DeadSocial’s YODO art exhibition for Dying Matters Awareness Week 2014

Call for Artists

Artists and photographers who would like to exhibit their work at the Digital Legacy Conference should email us with one or more images of their work. It will be the responsibility of the artist/photographer to bring their work to the conference between 10am-11pm on the 23rd May and then take the pieces away at the end of the conference.

Capturing the spirit of deathPhoto from DeadSocial’s ‘Capturing the Sprit of Death’ campaign at the Ideal Death Show 

If you would like to exhibit your work let us know:

The Digital Legacy Conference / DeadSocial will not take ‘a cut’ of money for any artwork that is sold during the conference 🙂