The call for speakers and papers is now open for academics and professionals working and innovating within relevant fields. If you would like to submit a paper and speak at this year’s Digital Legacy Conference please fill in the form below.

Some of the subject matters you may want to address?

⇝ Digital death and it’s impact on society
⇝ Digital legacy, digital assets and digital estates
⇝ Grieving online
⇝ Digital graveyards,
⇝ Utilising technology to deal with death
⇝ Digital memory loss
⇝ Death in today’s digital world
⇝ Funeral streaming
⇝ Laws and terms of service around digital assets and digital legacy
⇝ Preparing for our own digital death
⇝ Artificial Intelligence and death
⇝ Robotics and death
⇝ Death, Cryptocurrency and other digital financial assets
⇝ Death and Virtual Reality
⇝ Whats next?
⇝ Best practice
⇝ Diffusion of information and adoption
⇝ The patients perspective
⇝ The role of the professional

Do you have another idea? Inspire us!

Applicants will be informed by email whether or not their application has been successful in September.

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About the Digital Legacy Conference

The Digital Legacy Conference is an International Conference by the Digital Legacy Association. The objective of the Digital Legacy Conference is for professionals and academics working with in the field to share knowledge, best practice, case studies and stories. The conference is free for attendees due to the support provided by the sponsors:

About the Digital Legacy Association

thee Digital Legacy Association is the professional body dedicated to raising the quality of end of life care in all areas relating to digital assets, digital estates and digital legacy. Our mission is to help ensure that everyone’s end of life wishes are met both in the real world and the digital realm. We do this by supporting the general public, by developing standards, frameworks and toolkits with charities and third party organisations.