20 years ago the Institute of Medicine stated that a good death is one that is “free from avoidable distress and suffering for patient, family, and caregivers, in general accord with the patient’s and family’s wishes, and reasonably consistent with clinical, cultural, and ethical standards.”

At this year’s Digital Legacy Conference we will examine how this statement can tranced across the technological divide as professionals, technologists and academics explore these areas within a digital context.

We are delighted to welcome Shelby Lindblad (Product Designer at Facebook) and Kim Malfacini (Associate Manager of Product Policy at Facebook) as this year’s keynote speakers. To read the full agenda click here

The Digital Legacy Conference is an international, not for profit conference ran by the Digital Legacy Association.  The conference brings together professionals, educators, patients, researchers and those with working within relevant fields in a melting pot of creativity, science and social care. The Digital Legacy Conference celebrates innovation, best practice, research and thought leadership within digital assets, digital estates and digital legacy.

We are delighted to announce that this year’s Digital Legacy Conference will take place at Siena College in Albany New York. The conference is also featured as one of the many ‘Reimagine End Of Life.  Reimagine End of Life explores big questions about life and death between the 27th – 3rd November.