Funeral invitations came into use in the 17th century and originally functioned as admission tickets because space in the church and at the funeral feast was limited.  The invitations were incredibly ornate and depicted classic symbols such as hour glasses and skulls.

RSVP is a fresh look at this tradition.  It is a collection of work made in a number of different mediums and styles by 25 international artists.

Funeral invitation art exhibition

‘Home’ by Benjamin Phillips

We are delighted and very excited that RSVP will be taking place the first annual Digital Legacy Conference.

Artists exhibiting their work

  • Paul Koudounaris
  • Pia Interlandi
  • Mr Mead
  • Dan McCarthy
  • Katie Brookes
  • Katie Jade Hawker
  • Alexa Cach
  • Ross Head
  • Tabi Electric
  • Miriam Byroade
  • Rosie Lea
  • Claire Spake
  • Naomi Wilkinson
  • Matt Warren
  • Benjamin Phillips
  • Tomasin Cuthbert
  • Jason Tolmie
  • Adam Stenhouse
  • Anna Litchensteiger
  • Miu Hatano
  • David Buchler
  • Jen Garmston
  • Tasmin Halward
  • Grace Helena
  • Charlotte Hawke


Tickets for the Digital Legacy Conference (and the RSVP – An Exhibition of Funeral Invitations) are free but limited. They can be attained at