Cryptocurrencies, Cryptoassets, and Planning

Pamela Morgan, Empowered Law

Over the last couple of years cryptocurrencies (like Bitcoin) have become increasingly popular and important digital assets. Cryptocurrency wallets have also made purchasing cryptocurrencies easy and accessible for the masses. Organisations like Tesla have started to accept these digital assets and stories surrounding their use are often featured in financial and the mainstream media. 

What will happen to your cryptocurrency or that non-fungible token collectible (NFT) when you die? Will your loved ones be able to access these digital tokens when the time comes? Without a written plan, the answer is probably not. In this seminar, you’ll learn about the risks and how to mitigate them.  By attending this session to receive the practical knowledge and tools needed to start creating your written plan.

Speaker bio

Pamela Morgan is an attorney, educator, entrepreneur, and author of Cryptoasset Inheritance Planning: A Simple Guide for Owners. She has been working in cryptocurrencies full time since early 2014 and is one of the few lawyers who understands the technology and its implications on estate planning.

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