Free Conference Tickets

23rd May 2015: 3pm-7pm at UCL Partners, London.

Tickets are now available. The Digital Legacy Conference is strictly limited to 110 attendees. If you register for a ticket and cannot attend please cancel your ticket prior to the event. UCL Partners is fully accessible with a separate disabled toilet.

The Digital Legacy Conference takes place on the Saturday during the last bank-holiday in May. This is the same weekend as London Comic-Con. We welcome London Comic-Con attendees interested in the areas we are exploring to also attend the Digital Legacy Conference if they wish to do so.



UCL Partners


Join the Digital Legacy Conference ‘Facebook event’ (announced on 23rd March). *Stating that you are ‘attending’ on Facebook will not reserve a ticket for you at the conference. To attain a free ticket please register above. Thanks


The Digital Legacy Conference was devised and organised by DeadSocial

DeadSocial is the end of life planning resource helping us to navigate to and through death in today’s connected world. They help empower both those planning their digital legacy and the recently bereaved. All the services DeadSocial provide are free. The conference will take place each year during Dying Matters Awareness Week. It’s aim is to raise awareness around digital end of life preparation and grief.

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