About The Digital Legacy Conference And The Subject Matters Addressed

Mark TaubertDr Mark Taubert: Clinical Director/Consultant in Palliative Medicine Velindre NHS Trust

Digital Legacy Conference

⇝ About the Digital Legacy Conference

The Digital Legacy Conference will explore society’s changing attitudes and behavior in relation to death, end of life issues and mourning. It will be examined from a number of differing perspectives. The conference is free to attend due to the kindness of the supporters.

*If you work within a relevant field and would like to present, get in touch. The second batch of speakers will be announced on 15th April and there is still room for one / two more speakers.

Dying Matters
The Digital Legacy Conference will feature as part of Dying Matters Awareness Week 2015.

Dying Matters aims to raise public awareness about the importance of talking openly about dying, death and bereavement and of making end of life wishes known. It is led by the National Council for Palliative Care.


⇝ Subject matters addressed

  • The world ‘before the birth of Facebook’ (before Facebook/ BFB)
  • Digital legacy
  • Digital grief
  • Utilising technology to deal with death
  • Digital memory loss
  • Death in today’s digital world
  • MND, communication and digital legacy
  • Funeral streaming
  • UK Laws around digital assets and digital legacy
  • Preparing for our own digital death

⇝ Press Release

Press, media and bloggers can download the press release about the conference by clicking here

⇝ About digital legacy and death in today’s connected World

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The Digital Legacy Conference is ran by DeadSocial

DeadSocial is the end of life planning resource helping us to navigate to and through death in today’s connected world. They help empower both those planning their digital legacy and the recently bereaved. All the services DeadSocial provide are free. www.DeadSocial.org 

⇝ The Digital Legacy Conference (Tweets as they happened)

 Background information about Digital Legacy

⇝ So what happens to your social media accounts when you die?


“The conference is for all scholars, technologists, legal experts, healthcare professionals, sociologists and those with an interested in subject matters addressed”.

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